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Benny J


I was born with a rare disease called Nail Patella Syndrome. I was adopted at birth and have no family medical history. I have a medical history too long for such a short introduction so will focus on the primary project. I converted a medical diary into a daily Instagram diary posting photos edited to include my chronic pain number for the day in them, and the comments discussing my mental health and a sort of journal for the day. My camera keeps me alive by forcing me to take pictures that I want to be documenting my life. The places I go and the things I do, from crying in bed to standing on mountain tops. I have many medical diagnoses that include mental health issues like depression, and anxiety and am treated for this life.

The artists' stories

"The Vibrant Mind" is an art contest that celebrates artistic expression from individuals with mental health conditions. By focusing on the artists' work rather than their various diagnoses, it hopes to promote a stigma-free and inclusive environment.


That being said, the participants were given the option to share their background stories if they wished to do so.

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