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Julia Pivén


Living with an illness that's similar to schizophrenia isn't easy. But it doesn't mean you don't get to live an interesting and fulfilling life. For me, artistry is what forges my identity. My commitment to improving the rights of mental health patients and psychiatry drives me forward. Painting is like a language to me and I mostly work in oil. Ive exhibited my art in Sweden and abroad around 40 times and have become a professional artist and entrepreneur. I'm passionate about art, psychiatry reform, friends, subcultures and music.

The artists' stories

"The Vibrant Mind" is an art contest that celebrates artistic expression from individuals with mental health conditions. By focusing on the artists' work rather than their various diagnoses, it hopes to promote a stigma-free and inclusive environment.


That being said, the participants were given the option to share their background stories if they wished to do so.

Our gallery

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