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Amalie Sillat

I am first and foremost a storyteller. I tell stories of my own hardships and joys by writing poetry, painting and making audiovisual works. I have painted since I could hold a brush and painting has always been a form of therapy for me. It is a way to get out what I feel, and think. I have come a long way, and healing is still in process. Some days have dark clouds, and some have sunshine. I mainly paint on stretched canvas and with acrylics. I have realised that most of my recent work is of myself. Autoportraits in various female forms - goddesses of life and its beauty. I have for years battled with depressive thoughts that I believe started after some traumas in my life. I would like to think of myself as an advocate for women who have been through abuse, and I hope that my art can help women see their beauty and strength.

The artists' stories

"The Vibrant Mind" is an art contest that celebrates artistic expression from individuals with mental health conditions. By focusing on the artists' work rather than their various diagnoses, it hopes to promote a stigma-free and inclusive environment.


That being said, the participants were given the option to share their background stories if they wished to do so.

Our gallery

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