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Jason Albertini

United State of America

I have been a music maker all my adult life until the last 2 years, when my mental and physical health deteriorated to the point where I am practically housebound at present. I am married and have a very creative 12-year-old daughter. I toured with my band all over Europe and the US, and as I am a highly sensitive person, I had to force myself way outside my comfort zone to do all this, often away from my family for months at a time. That explains my SUD. Now, I hear voices and they are not always friendly, Sometimes, I feel that I am possessed by a very evil spirit; people do not like to hear this. Believe me; my daily life is hard! I recently announced that I would be retiring from my band project after 18 years and this has led to an increased interest in acquiring the many albums I produced; as I am handling the distribution of these orders myself – with the help of my very organized wife -, I am forced to venture out to the local post office several times each day. I feel that this is a first step for me to return to ‘normal’ activity again, albeit in a small way. During these long days of inactivity, I have been doing collages of my life’s work and my life, which I use as artwork when re-releasing some of my albums. This is what I am entering in this competition.

The artists' stories

"The Vibrant Mind" is an art contest that celebrates artistic expression from individuals with mental health conditions. By focusing on the artists' work rather than their various diagnoses, it hopes to promote a stigma-free and inclusive environment.


That being said, the participants were given the option to share their background stories if they wished to do so.

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