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The vibrant mind

- 2023 -





Winners announced Jan 10th

Exploring Mental Health Through Artistry

Our aim is to spotlight the intricate relationship between artistry and mental health, facilitating dialogue, challenging stigmas and promoting understanding. In the 2023-2024 edition, we will be displaying the top 30 pieces in exhibition space all across Europe. We will also host a series of different online events to further shed light on the different nuances of mental health within the artistic world.

2022 winners

And She Realized_edited.jpg
SquidInAWheelchair - Muriel Treille.jpg

Muriel Treille

Squid in a wheelchair

It started as an art school exercise: I drew an antique wheelchair from observation, but couldn't simply leave it empty. So I decided to put a giant squid in it, as I really like cephalopods, intelligent but alien-looking fellows of the animal kingdom that they are. But then I've also realized that it represents me, and neurodivergence too, in a way: we need help to move through a world ill-suited to our differences, just as this squid couldn't move on land without its wheelchair.

forst - Arvid Nilsson.jpg

Arvid Nilsson


Me and my dad were out walking in the forest during winter. I like the pattern created by the branches and the spots where there are no branches looks very pleasing.

And She Realized_edited.jpg


 Only dialogue moves the minds.

Palieter Enkel dialoog brengt geesten in beweging - Mattias Nolmans.jpg

The Vibrant Mind

Empowering individuals living with mental health conditions through the power of art.


Coming soon.

This project is supported by unrestricted grants from Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Angellini Pharma.

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