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Tamara Dalanics


Hello, I'm Tamara Dalanics. I live in Budapest, Hungary. I have borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. Art is quite important to me, I often feel that creating art is what's keeping me afloat emotionally. There are many feelings I can express through my art, plus there's a lot of stuff I can get out of my system during the process of making art. And thus I'm not going nuts. Many times I feel that my thoughts and feelings are making me go insane. It feels like there's a vortex inside my head that is sucking me in with a force that I cannot fight. There's just no escape. During this my head is filled with hundreds of thoughts, way too many and they are way too loud.

The artists' stories

"The Vibrant Mind" is an art contest that celebrates artistic expression from individuals with mental health conditions. By focusing on the artists' work rather than their various diagnoses, it hopes to promote a stigma-free and inclusive environment.


That being said, the participants were given the option to share their background stories if they wished to do so.

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